Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I build a granny flat?

If you have a property that is 450m2 or larger with an existing primary dwelling you are on the right track to being able to build a granny flat. Approvals will depend on your zoning type, septic and sewer location, bush fire attack level and boundary set backs. Check our council requirements page for further details.

2. Can I rent my granny flat as an investment?

Absolutely! NSW does not have the same restrictions on using a granny flat for investment purposes as other states in Australia. Information about using a granny flat or small home as an investment can be found on our investments page.

3. Can I get an estimated cost for a granny flat?

All granny flat quotes are site specific and dependant on individual requirements. Contact our office for an obligation free consultation.


4. Do you build these ready for me to rent or buy?

East Coast Granny Flats & Small Homes is predominantly a construction company and is not a real estate or rental agency. We do not have the ability to have pre built secondary dwellings available to rent or buy.

5. Are your granny flats built in a warehouse and moved to site?

We do not prefabricate our granny flats & small homes in a warehouse and transport to the property. Our designs are all built on site for the client.

6. Can you build on a sloping block?

Sloping blocks are not a problem for our designs. The image to the right is an excellent example of how we can adapt our designs to suit a sloping block. At the rear of this granny flat it is actually 4 metres from the ground to the deck!

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