Low Risk - High Return Investments


Building a granny flat as an investment is a low risk - high return investment opportunity that can have your property occupied and generating income in no time!


If you are a home owner or investor why not capitalize on the land you already own by building an East Coast Granny Flat.

Secondary dwelling rentals can generate a lucrative second income and create high yielding rental return on your investment.



Your investment portfolio may include:

  1. Rental of the Granny Flat and live in the main dwelling

  2. Rental of  your main dwelling and live in your Granny Flat 

  3. Rental of the main dwelling and granny flat 

  4. Bed and Breakfast or Holiday House

  5. Retirees can rent the main dwelling to fund travel adventures while keeping a comfy home base to come back too.

"A great result. We had our granny flat rented

within 2 weeks of completion"

Tim & Julia Barras

In our current economic climate with lending restrictions proving problematic for the average property investor, we at East Coast Granny Flats & Small Homes pride ourselves on providing low entry cost, high yielding investment opportunities within reach of every home owner. Are you tapping into your properties full investment potential?

How to Potentially Achieve 15% Return on Investment

Have you ever thought about building a granny flat for rental purposes but you live in the granny flat and rent out the main dwelling? A cleaver couple did exactly that and there return on investment was super impressive. The information below shows exactly how they did it and you can do it too!


Coffs Coast Advocate Real Estate News Wednesday 11th July 2018


East Coast Granny Flat Purchase

Main Dwelling Rental Return 

Gross Return on Investment

Gross Rental Yield

*Based on 5.2% interest only as at 21.08.2018





Average Investor Case Study


Granny Flat Average Cost

Rent Average (Coffs Harbour)

Gross Return on Investment

Gross Rental Yield

Interest Rate Average

Mortgage Repayment




$18,200 per year



$180 per week

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